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The Lab Collective create interactive, visceral live experiences that tread the line between theatre, game and installation. Empowering audiences to collaborate in our performances we share our work in physical spaces and virtual worlds, exploring and playing across technologies and disciplines to make innovative, theatrical experiences. 


We have designed workshops to train performance makers and students in creating interactive, immersive and playable performance.  


We recognise that as these forms grow and evolve, that there is a lack of time, space and training for those who want to develop key skills and test their work in a supportive environment, which encourages risk and experimentation.

Want to find out what we are up to? 


We create performance to engage, challenge and thrill our audiences. The work we make is intended to heighten the audience’s experience by breaking the barrier between the performer and spectator, whether this be an intimate one on one experience, or a larger scale performance.


Our performances are mostly devised and take place in unusual spaces which are not traditionally used as theatres, or have been forgotten or displaced – sites which can come alive with performance and engage the public in an innovative and radical way.


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