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The Greenhouse is growing! We are hugely excited to present our new programme of workshops, Roots. These sessions are an introduction to creating interactive and immersive performance for theatre makers, directors and performers who want to develop new skills, and understand the creation process of this unique form, starting from the ground up.  


These sessions will take place on a monthly basis, and culminate in our workshop weekender; you can come to all of the workshops, or just one - and we offer a range of pricing options to suit you.  

Included in your bookings will be access to a resource pack designed for your session and inclusion in a participant mailing list which will include industry specific opportunities and news!

Session one: Foundations

18TH MAR: The So & So Arts Club, SE1 3QD | 7-10pm

Inspired by interactive and immersive performance? Join us for a beginners workshop for the curious, designed to introduce you to creating interactive and immersive worlds.  


This session will: 

  • Offer insight into building bridges between audience and performer

  • Develop your understanding of creating a journey connecting space, audience and narrative

  • Give a brief introduction to some of the mechanics that can be used to create real choice for the audience, and help you plan to manage multiple outcomes.

Session two: Building worlds

25th MAR: The COLAB Factory, SE1 4AU | 7-10pm

Working imaginatively with space and design is an important part of creating interactive and immersive worlds.  In this session, you will be given key tools to develop and build your own installation, and incorporate performance to create the beginnings of a brand new immersive world


This session will:

  • Develop skills in working with space to convey narrative to your audience

  • Understand how space and design can become a character in itself

  • Practically understand how space can help shape your ideas


Session three: playable spaces

8th APR: The Fly Pit, SE25 6AB | 7-10pm

A hallmark of immersive theatre is the way the audience can free roam through a world and discover the story; those routes are carefully designed to ensure the audience find satisfying and intriguing journeys.


This workshop will allow you to understand the complexities routes can take, and how those routes can connect together, to create a web for your audience to play within.

This session will:

  • Enable you to create and design satisfying, complex journey routes for audiences

  • Help you to plan and execute different audience routes through multiple spaces, across a large site. 

The greenhouse weekender

13th-14th APR: The fly pit, se25 6AB | 10am-6pm

Over the course of the sessions, we will be exploring the mechanisms of generating dialogue with an audience, developing characters for interactive performance together with ways to structure and record your work. 


Over the course of a weekend we will unpack ways of:

  • Creating structure in the chaotic world of interactive and immersive performance

  • Developing tools to offer choice and direction for an audience which responds to character, space and world of the piece.

  • Exploring new ways of creating working scripts for interactive performance, which gives space for the ever changing environment and the unknown offerings of an audience

  • Creating character for interactive performance, and develop an understanding of their function within an immersive world.

  • Developing tools to design interactive space, and realise the role of the audience within it. 


These key skills enrich interactions, and bring a strong live element to performances to create meaningful and satisfying content whether youre making a large scale immersive show, or an intimate one on one performance, and helping you to create fully developed and well rounded  characters so you can feel confident to control the audience and their experience in a way that contributes to the three dimensional world of the show.


We want to ensure that our workshops are accessible to all! If you would like to attend the sessions but need to spread the cost, please get in touch to arrange a payment plan.  Contact Antigoni -

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