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Our practitioners and performers can make your event something truly special.


Weather you need interactive walkabout, games or immersive worlds we create bespoke performances for a variety of companies, venues and themes. 


Our event performances have taken place across the UK from the fields of Boomtown festival, to the RAF museum and beyond, we have a variety of packages on hand.


Get in touch to book a consultation, and we can bring your ideas to life.  

Dining with copernicus: the polish cultural institute

This two night historical extravaganza was commissioned by The Polish Cultural Institute to cerebrate the life and times of Copernicus. Offering a contemporary interpretation to classical renaissance stories we worked in collaboration with an amazing host of  historians, astronomers and artists to create an unforgettable dining experience.


With our regular collaborators Dank Parish The Lab Collective team have helped shape brand new district, Paradise Heights at the magnificent Boomtown Fair.  This year we're bringing the sunshine to the city with brand new venue Villa Avarice...

Boomtown: The Bank

We've moved!  The Lab Collective team are working with Dank Parish to create exciting and bespoke performances for The Bank in Boomtown's District of Mayfair in 2017.  Working with over 40 performers and makers we bring to life the epic narratives and chaotic joy of Boomtown's most illustrious district...

Boomtown : Town Hall

Since 2013, we have been working with Dank Parish, a collaboration of like minded artists, to bring installations and games to this wonderful and surpising immersive music festival. We create performances to allow the festival goers to experience something out of the ordinary, to truely step into the world and affect the outcome of their experience.

Laniado Top Gun Fundraiser

Raising money for multi faith hospitals in Gaza, The Lab Collective brought our signature performance style, energy, happenings and promenade performance to Laniado's fundraiser at the iconic RAF museum.

In the wings : V&A Lates

Once the curtain has fallen, The Lab  Collective invites you to network, mingle and share the lowlights of the high flyers.The Lab Collective presents In the Wings. Welcome backstage.  For your delectation and delight, we lay bare the private lives of those on a pedestal. 


Once the curtain has fallen, The Lab  Collective invites you to network, mingle and share the lowlights of the high flyers.

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