The Candidate

Behind closed doors is an opportunity to change the game.  Your candidate needs YOU to participate in a unique polling session, helping to shape his ideals, policy and image. He can be whatever you want him to be, make the promises you need him to make, and carefully adjust how he looks to suit your taste.


You matter.  Your voice matters, and together we can engineer the future. 


Perception is at the forefront of politics, and the digital age leaves no stone unturned in the quest to satisfy our hunger for information – not only as commentary on current affairs, but also as a leisure activity, shaping our perspective, exposing us to selective aspects of politics and mutating public figures into mass entertainment.


The Candidate explores the complex relationship between the public and it’s prospective leaders. Delving into the draw to power, and the new, malleable means by which to grasp it, The Candidate traces the journey of a prospective leader as a pawn in his own game using the public as co conspirators; but at its core is the key question – who is playing who?







“Thought provoking and heart accelerating, as you search for the answers to a better future”  

**** Theatre Full Stop


“Complex, critical, and crucial viewing, The Candidate is as complex a piece of theatre as it is as damning dissection of politicians.”

**** Grumpy Gay Critic


“It’s exhilarating to experience a production daring enough to trust participants with decisions that are difficult to predict – with genuine choices, not leading no-brainers – that fundamentally alter the course of the session, making each session, and each candidate truly unique. It’s helped along by some brilliant improvisation from a pair of talented actors...This remarkable degree of engagement stimulates impassioned and lively debate”  

**** Ginger Hibiscus


“It’s funny, but that’s because it’s so accurate. Politics is a game. But it’s our game. And we are all playing it.”

**** West End Wilma


"A unique, open space to have your say and articulate those thoughts you never thought you would have the power or place to do so, and for that alone it is brilliant...excellently timed and virtually flawless"

Bargain Theatreland


"A unique, immersive experience"

A Younger Theatre


"Funny, clever, unsettling and thought provoking...a Tour De Force"

Tim Auld


“Omar Ibrahim and Matthew Flacks deserve huge credit for such a performance that was largely seamless and spontaneous”

Everything Theatre