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April 26-29th | Colab Factory | 7,8,9pm

A new society is coming; plagued by the suspicion of strangers, a system has evolved to meet the demands of an angry and fearful population. Incoming/Exodus is an interactive, immersive experience which challenges attitudes towards immigration, with your voice centre stage. 


You have been called upon to undertake a new form of civic duty, becoming immigration officers on behalf of a crumbling Government. Working collaboratively with your team, you must complete your assignment to make or break the new order.


In a world where humans have been turned into numbers, and the numbers are warped by those in power - will you break the system?


Incoming/Exodus is created by The Lab Collective who specialise in creating interactive and immersive theatre, creating live performance which transcends traditional forms to produce visceral experiences for the audience.  Treading the line between theatre, installation and live art, we empower the audience to collaborate in our work. 


Tickets : £12/£10


Performed by Matthew Flacks

Co Directed by Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe

Writing: Natalie Scott