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15th and 16th of JULY 10am - 6pm | THE FLYPIT

Creating interactive performance can be a daunting process; in these workshops we will offer the tools to make rich, exciting work and help performers and directors understand the structure and conventions of creating an amazing live experience for their audiences.  


Over the course of the sessions, we will be exploring the mechanisms of generating dialogue with an audience, developing characters for interactive performance together with ways to structure and record your work. The Greenhouse Workshop will culminate in the opportunity to design and build your own interactive installation to play within and explore these new techniques we have developed together.


We will be running two sessions; £90 per session or £180 for both Sessions


Session One: Structure, Audience Agency and Conversation 15th July 10am-6pm

This session focuses building the skill of performers and directors to:

  • Create structure in the chaotic world of interactive and immersive performance

  • Develop tools to offer choice and direction for an audience which responds to character, space and world of the piece.

  • Explore new ways of creating working scripts for interactive performance, which gives space for the ever changing environment and the unknown offerings of an audience.


These key skills enrich interactions, and bring a strong live element to performances to create meaningful and satisfying content whether you’re making a large scale immersive show, or an intimate one on one performance.


Session Two: Immersive Archetypes and Playable Spaces 16th July 10am-6pm

This session is focused on learning and utilising tools which enable the performer to:

  • Explore character archetypes of interactive performance and develop an understanding of their function within an immersive world.

  • Develop tools to design interactive space, and realise the role of the audience within it.

  • Design and build your own interactive installation to play with, test ideas in and learn elegant techniques to guide your audience through an interactive experience.


This session can help you to create fully developed and well rounded  characters so you can feel confident to control the audience and their experience in a way that contributes to the three dimensional world of the show. Although you can never anticipate every outcome, you will be able to guide the audience in an elegant and enriching way, without losing the liveness that characterises this type of work. Building the world of the installation will give you an understanding of the way the design of your space can work symbiotically with you to fully interact with the audience and their view of the world you have invited them to be a part of.


The Lab Collective are a group of practitioners who have been creating interactive performance since 2007. We have been teaching and sharing our methodology to enrich the skill sets of many performers and theatre makers working regularly within the immersive, interactive and playable performance industry. The Greenhouse is the core training course we offer, and alongside our in house sessions at The Fly Pit, we have also delivered the sessions for Rose Bruford, The National Maritime Museum (forthcoming), HOME Manchester, Basic Space Festival, Apocalypse Events, N_SPACE in Nottingham as part of the “Shake It Up Europe” Festival, and many more.

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