Reloaded Symposium
imagining the future of interactive, immersive and participatory performance

Forum Sessions: 17th, 18th, 19th July


Applications are now closed for the funded positions, but you can still apply for a free place. 

For a free position, please apply by 5pm on Friday the 10th of July.

What is it?

Over three days The Lab Collective will host Reloaded, a free online symposium to engage in a collaborative dialogue that explores the challenges our industry faces in the wake of Covid - 19 and beyond. 


Each day within the symposium will be forum based and address a different topic that reflects a difficult aspect about emerging back into physical spaces, connecting with audiences and addressing the lack of diversity in our sector. 


Who is it for?

Reloaded is designed to engage with professionals working within immersive, interactive and participatory performance:

  • Producers 

  • Professional creative practitioners (including directors, facilitators and performers),

  • Behind the scenes workers (including designers, scenic makers, technicians, technical specialists and production and stage managers)


The sessions will explore topics from the perspectives of these roles, democratising the conversation, helping us understand the challenges production teams face as we move back into physical spaces and explore new roles in digital productions. 

Funded Places

In addition to the free places available, we recognise the challenges that freelancers in the arts are facing and have created fifteen funded places per forum session. 


Applications for funded places:

  • Each participant who receives a funded place will be paid £100 per forum.

  • Funded places are ring fenced for freelance professionals in the field of immersive, interactive and participatory practice who are not currently furloughed and who are not employed by NPO organisations and are experiencing financial hardship in the current climate. 

  • You can apply for one, two or all three of the forums. The online form includes this option!

  • We anticipate that demand for funded places will be high and you may not be allocated a place, or may get a place for less forum sessions than you applied for. We will be allocating places to ensure that a diverse range of people, experience and roles are represented.

  • If we are not able to allocate you a funded place, you are welcome to book an unfunded place. 

  • For a funded place, please apply by 5pm on Wednesday the 1st July; we will be in touch by Friday 3rd July to let you know if we're able to allocate you a places so if you haven't heard from us by then, please get in touch by emailing We'll be assessing applications on a rolling basis.

Returning to Physical Spaces: 17th July 10am -1.30pm

In the Immersive, Interactive and participatory practices are uniquely challenged by the face to face and close proximity that our form demands.


From embracing digital practice to new H&S challenges and exploring the outdoors we will we will explore how our practices may adapt from a range perspectives, as lockdown restrictions lift and a new ‘normal’ emerges.  

REACHING AUDIENCES: 18th July 10am -1.30pm

The future of live performance rests on our ability to listen, respond to and connect with audiences, ensuring they feel safe and able to participate in work that needs to be in physical spaces, as well as exploring how audiences are engaging with digital content. 


This forum will enable participants to connect with audiences live, open up dialogue and ask questions and have time to reflect with each other on how practice might be developed by the needs of our audiences.

INCLUSIVE PRACTicE : 19th July 10am -1.30pm

This forum is focused on how the industry can undertake actionable change to create a more diverse and inclusive present and future. 


Now more than ever we need to be challenged and mobilised to ensure that our work is representative of our society.  Host and Facilitator TBC.


I’m not sure I’m the right fit for the symposium - who can book a place?

  • We are seeking to engage with people who have professional experience in the fields of interactive, immersive or participatory performance. You might have had more than one type role in different productions - this is fine!  We recognise that you may have many hats! 


What will the forums be like?

  • The forums will be comprised of connecting with each other, discussions, breakout groups and knowledge sharing.  Some sessions will be hosted and facilitated by practitioners that are specialists in their field - we will be announcing shortly! 


If I don’t get a funded place, can I still come?

  • If we’re unable to offer you a funded place, you’re more than welcome to book a free place if there are available tickets


Is the symposium accessible?


Do I have to come to all three sessions?

  • In an ideal world we would have a cohort of participants that move through all three forums, but at the moment, the world is most definitely less than ideal! We want to make sure that the forums are as accessible and inclusive as possible, so you can come to how ever many you are able to.  


What technology do I need to have?

  • The symposium will be hosted on Zoom, we will be in touch closer to the time with further details.

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