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The Neath
Feb 17 | The Vaults Festival 

We've all made deals with the Devil. Tonight's your chance to wipe the slate clean or pay off what's owed...Part interactive experience, part pop-up bar, part durational performance, The ‘Neath is an immersive fantasy created for VAULT Festival 2017.  Join us at The 'Neath, a dark delight brimming with interactive performances from some of London's finest immersive theatre makers.


We invite you to explore our durational theatrical world, offering memberships rather than tickets so you can return as many times as you please to delve deeper into the many mysteries of The 'Neath and meet all its motley clientele. Spanning a week at Vault Festival 2017.


The ‘Neath is produced and curated by immersive experience creators Dean Rogers (Creative Director of The Crystal Maze Live Experience, HEIST, Time Run) and SPECIFIQ (Mystery at the Museum, Hearing Things, The Black Staircase). The interactive bar will feature performances and stories created by some of London’s most exciting immersive theatre makers, including: Martin Coat (Director of Theatre and Concept Development at Boomtown Fair and Co-Artistic Director of Dank Parish), DifferencEngine (HEIST, The People’s Revolt), Sarah Morris (formerly of Apocalypse Events), Deirdre McLaughlin, and Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe (Artistic Directors of The Lab Collective).


The Changeling was: 

Performed by Rosaleen burton and Rob Thompson

Directed by Joseph Thorpe