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Over the years The Lab Collective have been lucky enough to work with some of the best artist, people and Good Eggs. This page is to let you know who they are and how you can have the pleasure of working with such talented people. Thank you guys!

Nomad creative studio

Like the greatest Oak trees,  Nomad started from a tiny acorn,  a pop-up studio, in 2013 by myself, Hannah Anketell.  We continue to expand and develop with no sign or desire to slow down. Visual Artistry is what we live for. Using Photography and Video to connect with people, and being able to share that is  a gift….and apparently we’re pretty damn good at it.


Our  main ethos :

Collaboration , creativity and connection for everyone - that means artists, our clients and any individual we come into contact with!


Through our experience, we understand that creating an environment for people to play create and explore, allows people and their businesses to expand, develop and grow.


differencEngine work with charities, corporations, media, performance venues, councils and property developers to create large-scale works that build excitement across communities, physical spaces and digital platforms.

Each piece of work, no matter the scale, is carefully tailored to artistically engage audiences with bespoke structures and imaginative use of existing space. The differencEngine team transforms vacant, neglectedand pristine locations alike into real but absorbing worlds.


differencEngine believes in transmedia stories. The seamless use of technology and digital spacesunderpin differencEngine’s work – sometimes enabling or fleshing – out physical worlds, sometimes as a space for exploration itself, but always deployed in an intuitive and meaningful manner.

By drawing on years of experience in theatre, film, technology, and academia – as well as a love of chaos, creativity and freedom – differencEngine has quickly achieved critical acclaim, award nominations and sold out seasons.

Ellie Stamp

I am Ellie Stamp – I feel conflicted by labels and I swear a lot.


My practice is driven by my confusion towards labels; how illness or disorders and appropriate behaviour are constructed and quantified.


I make devised performance that sits somewhere between live art, theatre and game. I make work mainly in non-traditional spaces engaging unsuspecting audiences in live art practice. My performance work is usually interdisciplinary, participatory and experiential. My practice embraces all forms of dialogue, conversation, co-creation and points of exchange with an audience. I aim to create fun spaces where audiences can talk and consider difficult subject matter with the aim to provoke social change.

Fowl Cabaret

A production company combining cabaret and interactive theatre to bring audiences immersive events that promise to be glamorous, hilarious, and a little bit naughty.


Ever driven by challenging the concept of Art and worth through the medium of play, FOWL's creators began their adventure with their flourishing gameshow ARE YOU GAME?


Whilst encouraging audiences to backslide to their childish ways and indulge their competitive side, FOWL has since scurried on to create unique events and games for others. Their snowballing success ranges from providing games for events such as White mischief, Kinky Salon and SummerHouse, to private parties, through to bespoke shows to promote companies such as Penguin Books.


Fowl the production company that asks you to leave your sensible shoes at the door and discover things about yourself, your friends and total strangers.


SPECIFIQ was founded in November 2011 to create site-specific and immersive theatre based principally on true stories in the places where those stories originally happened.


Our productions are firmly rooted in their environment and usually develop from the unique personality of a building or place, unearthing tales from the past and dramatising them in situ - a sort of 'theatrical archaeology'.


We believe that site-specific theatre is at its most effective when it is just that – specific to its site.

Dank parish

DANK PARISH is a collective of theatre artists who create rich, detailed worlds to enthral and engage. 

An unfettered playground for the joyful exploration of the challenging and unchartered. 

We collaborate with numerous different artists to make immersive performances that overwhelm and consume our audiences.


Soundbox collective

SoundBoxed Collective create a mutual relationship between performer and rhythm based sound technology. Our theatrical performances are devised through process based training incorporating physical and vocal practice, alongside new digital sampling technology; specifically the Roland SPD SX.


We experiment with a live percussionist playing and manipulating this equipment in relation to the performers, to see how it may inform dramatic structure and audience experience.

The Molino Group

The MolinoGroup are a theatre and performance collective formed in 2011 by Bethany Pitts (Director) and Edward Fortes (Dramaturg). 

Working with an acting ensemble in a collaborative way, the company develops new writing from a different angle, developing text through workshops alongside a more physical approach and with a writer in the room. In doing so, they aim to bridge the gap between new writing and devising practices. 

We work with a number of regular collaborators across art forms, including Alexandra Baybutt (Movement), Odin Orn Hilmarsson (Sound), Katherine Leedale (Photography) and The Lab Collective (Sound and Video). 

To The Moon

Passionate about developing new writing, To The Moon like to play with the dark side of human nature - always with a dash of humour.


Sharon trained as a theatre director at CityLit under the tutorage of award winning playwright and director Simon Bowen.  Last year she was selected for Springboard, a training programme run by the Young Vic's Directors Network.  Participating directors included Natalie Abrahami, Ramin Gray, Mike Longhurst, Ian Rickson, John Tiffany, Lyndsey Turner and Theatre O. 


in(ep)trepid is a company committed to making immersive

and interactive pieces of site specific theatre. Incorporating space and audience participation they aim to create work that gives the viewer a feeling of being directly involved and even a sense of control of the situations before them.

Formed in 2013 by Artistic Director Liam Fleming, the company had it's first major showcase at Harts Lane Studios between the 5th and 8th of February 2014. Two short pieces of new writing: ‘Father for Justice’ by Mark Wakeman and ‘Dearly Departed’ by Liam Fleming.

Sublime & Ridiculous

Sublime & Ridiculous is a company born out of a desire to communicate the incommunicable. Inspired storytelling and innovative technology allows participants to be led astray by their own senses. We collaborate with a diverse range of artists, organisations and members of the general public, creating interactive theatre in both conventional and unconventional forms and spaces. We are particularly fascinated by the rich and intriguing intersection that exists between art and science, and presenting work that inspires empathy and understanding across cultural and social boundaries. Sublime & Ridiculous has previously presented work nationally; London; The Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, BBC, Thames Festival, House of St Barnabas, Central St Martins (educational), Manor Gardens Health Centre (Workshop, Outreach), City University (Educational), Brighton; The Basement, Canterbury; The Gulbenkian Margate; The Tomb Thumb Theatre, Festivals; Wilderness Festival, Secret Garden Party, New York; New York Academy of Medicine, Columbia University, TEDMed (Stamford), United Nations Headquarters.

Chris Hislop

I'm a theatre publicist, blogger, and a generally rather opinionated, vociferous and boisterous user of long words where smaller ones would suffice.


  From early days as an assistant director in Frankfurt, Germany (where I was also born) through to the smorgasbord of freelance work I do in London today, I've been working in theatre for the better part of 10 years.


I've also worked in cabaret, classical music, art, museums and heritage, and have a wide interest in entertainment and the arts. Other interests include single malt whisky, cooking, walking instead of taking public transport, long flowing coats and reading novels.


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